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Styles in Bathroom Shower Enclosures

Because the average individual will end up spending about the equivalent of one-third of their life in the bathroom, bathrooms deserve quite a bit of attention. Making sure that your bathroom is not only functional, but comfortable, is actually a realistic necessity and an element of coping with the daily grind.

Studies have shown that women and men spend more time in a customized shower than in a generic one. With this in mind, you may be faced with the decision of choosing bathroom shower enclosures to fit certain needs.

The Beauty of Shower Enclosure Types

Some different options for shower enclosures are to use the beautiful style of a frameless shower. These enclosures look almost more like artistic décor than a practical bathing facility. Built from tempered glass and often a rounded corner look, this option creates an elegant touch.

Sliding doors may fit your private style better, however. Steam shower enclosures are built-in to the wall, lending a sultry, spa-like feel.

Choose Quality Fixtures

The quality of chosen shower fixtures and structure may help prevent many problems down the road, such as leaking and the breakdown of caulking, rusting, and mold growth. Don’t skimp on shower fixtures and hardware.  You will need something that will last many years under such wet conditions.

The material and style you choose can certainly affect the atmosphere created for your bathroom.  DirectBuy carries a wide selection of home improvement products for your bathroom remodeling projects. You’ll find brand-name products such as tubs and showers , flooring and tile , vanities and countertops and much more – all at direct insider prices and save up to 50% off.


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