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Completing Your Bathroom with Shower Rods

Shower RodShower curtain rods are often an ignored portion of a bathroom design. However, curtain rods are an integral part of a bathroom design. Particular curtain rods are manufactured to correspond with the placement of the shower, including straight rods, curved rods and corner rods.

Straight Rods

Straight rods are the common type of rod that most people have in their bathrooms. They extend from one wall to another wall over a bathtub and shower combination. These rods are typically available in metal, vinyl and plastic forms. A shower curtain can be added to the rod to complete the look.

Curved Rods

Curved rods are available to replicate the contour of your bathtub or shower. They can also be used to add character and architectural interest to your room. Curved rods are often made of metal. Matching shower curtain hooks help hold a shower curtain in place.

Corner Rods

Corner rods are available for individuals who need a shower curtain to cover a corner shower. This rod is L-shaped and also features a straight line up that helps the rod to be supported by the ceiling.

Shower curtain rods are available in a variety of shapes to correspond with any shower shape.  DirectBuy carries a wide selection of home improvement products for your bathroom remodeling projects. You’ll find brand-name products such as tubs and showers , flooring and tile , vanities and countertops and much more – all at dealer prices.


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