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Spice Up Your Shower with New Handles

Shower HardwareShowers provide a basic necessity, but that doesn’t mean they need to look boring. New shower handles add spice and functionality to this essential part of the bathroom.

Shower Faucet Handles

The handle is a key element of the shower or tub faucet. Basic handles are good for minimalistic designs, while ornate or antiqued finishes add class to what would otherwise be a plain enclosure.

Single handles combine hot and cold water control into one unit, while dual handles make it easy to see which knob to turn. No matter which type you prefer, you can find designs that will make your shower beautiful.

Safety Handles for Your Shower

Adding a safety handle gives you something to grab onto so you can wash your feet without the danger of slipping. These handles are also great for stopping yourself from falling before it’s too late. Built-in safety handles can be made of ceramic or other designer materials, while add-on versions tend to be plastic. Either way, you’ll love the safety and convenience of a strong handle.

The right combination of shower handles will add functionality, improve safety, and bring interest to your bathroom. Replacing worn accents will also make the room look much newer.

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