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Encase a Shower in Tile

Shower Tile When installing shower tile, many people choose to only install up to about six feet from the floor. However, completely encasing a shower in tile is wiser. This will create a more luxurious look and remains as easy to maintain.

Tile is Luxurious

Tile is among the most luxurious and elegant materials that can be installed in a shower, so people who can afford to install it should. Only covering part of a shower’s walls with tile leaves an incomplete appearance. On the other hand, encasing a shower in tile will make it striking.

Tile is Easily Maintained

If tile only partially covers a shower’s walls, then water can seep in behind it. Any water that is behind a tile can rot wood and will promote mold and mildew growth. By entirely covering a shower’s walls in tile, homeowners can prevent water from seeping down behind the tile.

Shower tile should cover a shower’s walls, but it is even better to install it on the ceiling as well. This will create the most elegant shower possible.

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