Real Estate In Katy Texas

Katy Texas is just 30 minutes commute from the hustle and bustle of Houston. While the commute may be a bit tiring, the benefit is that when you get back to Katy, you are truly in a residential neighborhood with the sights and the smells of the city far behind you.

If you are thinking about making the move to Katy, you should take some time and check out the real estate listings. The satellite city of Katy has a range of affordable family livuing options depending on your budget, your housing preference, and the size of your family.

Currently, starter homes are very affordable near Katy, Just off the north side of the I10 and are going for around 20K less than those closer to town. Due to the recent rise in population, the real estate market is tight currently, and the city has become a seller’s market. That said, for most of us property is a long distance investment, so while we may pay a little more now, or have to step down into something a little ame=aloer to protect out=r budget, prices will come down as the market evens out and new building provides more housing stock.

While the Katy housing market is split due to the I10. While the property is cheaper north of the highway while the city is very accessible. Apart from being less expensive on the north side, you can also get more house for your dollar.

If you have happened to have inherited an oil well or two, then you can still stay located in Katy as there are some older properties priced in the millions, the most expensive at the moment is priced $3,790,000.00 and is a huge mansion spread across a large plantation-type lawn. Below this, there are a number of homes priced at 2 million and below with a number of this on the lake with direct water access.

So, if you are just starting out head over to your realtor’s office and have a look at the housing stock in your price range. The sooner you get started on your new housing mission, the sooner you can be in your very own new house. Pay a little more og=ff the mortgage when you can to reduce the overall interest across the entirety of the loan and once you have paid a significant amount you then have the choice of selling it and buying something larger and in a better neighborhood.